This collar is an attention getter which may be just what your dog needs.

This collar has literally been a life saver for thousands of dog owners.  It offers more attention-getting ability than most training collars.  So why do so many people look at it and say, “I would never use that on my dog”?   They say that because it looks harsh!  But feeling is believing.  Once a person puts it on their own arm and experiences the sensation of the quick release mechanism, they are usually amazed that the correction is not anything like what they expected. 

This collar is also referred to as a Pinch Collar because of its grabbing action.  Many trainers I know will actually argue for the benefit this offers the dog.  Rather than the serpentine effect of a standard choker, the pinch collar’s prongs safely distribute the pressure points evenly around the dog’s neck.  Then again, as with any training collar, this will only happen at the perfect time, when the dog is straining into the collar.    

I remember talking to a doctor I met on a plane once.  She specialized in pediatric arthritis.  She was talking about the treatments children have to go through and I remember her saying, “The right thing isn’t always the nice thing!”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

No one purchases a pinch collar for their dog because they don’t like them.  Quite the opposite!  If you select this collar it’s because you have already tried other collars and you need the right equipment for your dog.

Fitting the Collar:  

We offer just two sizes made by Herm Sprenger: small and medium. 

Both of these collars come with a fixed number of links.  You can either add or remove links to get the proper fit for your dog. 

Personally, if I owned a short coated dog, like a Doberman I would rather purchase the smaller size and order extra links.  It looks nicer because the links don’t stand up as high on its neck.  On the other hand, if I owned a dog with a Shepherd coat, the medium sized links will look great and they are also stronger. 

If you have a miniature breed order the extra small or micro prong collar