The Slip Chain … aka … The Choke Chain



Attention-Getting Ability: Level 3

Level 3 implies that this collar has a greater “Attention-Getting Ability” than levels 1 or 2.  As with all training collars, this collar has the quick release action ability built into it.  And when you have a younger, more highly distracted dog it may take level 3 to get its attention.

The slip collar, or choke chain, should be given credit for having successfully trained more dogs in this world than any other single piece of equipment.  It has certainly been around longer than any other dog training collar. wants to remind people that in the era when it first became popular, the word “choke” was used commonly in the context of stopping something.  Engines didn’t have keys to turn them off, they had a choke.  If you look up the word “choke” in the dictionary it means “to stop.”  So, the choke chain got its name because it was designed to stop the dog from pulling.

Did You Know … if you were to go to one of our esteemed American Kennel Club obedience trials, this would be the collar of choice by most competitors. It is one of only two collars allowed.

Warning: wants to remind you that you should:

  • Never leave a training collar on your dog when it is unsupervised
  • Never have your dog playing with other dogs wearing a training collar
  • Never leave a dog tied up and unattended wearing a training collar
  • Never leave your dog in a crate wearing any collar
  • AND  You Must Understand the Right Technique


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