hopes to clarify the distinction between identification collars and training collars.   They are not the same thing, and they were designed differently for a reason.  An identification collar was designed to leave on a dog safely, all of the time.  There is a metal ring as part of its hardware which gives the dog’s owner a place to attach their dog’s tags to.  It is a law in every state that a dog has to have a rabies license.  Not only do they have to have one but wearing a tag shows responsible dog ownership and greatly increases the likelihood of finding your pet should it escape your property.


If you are having trouble walking a young dog on a loose leash, and you have your leash attached to an identification collar this may be a big part of the problem.  On the other hand many tender natured dogs and senior dogs will graduate to giving their owners adequate control walking with the identification collar. 




Caution:  It’s wise to remove all collars from dogs that are crated or playing freely with other dogs.


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