Taking The Integrated Approach means:


You want to train your dog to go to more than just one dog bed. These dog beds are among the best for training your dog to.

Here’s why:

a. Raised beds keep your dog up off of the hard floor. This is something that will truly benefit them as they age.

b. The mesh material is easy to clean. With a little soap and water, even the greasiest of dog bone residue comes right off.

c. You don’t have to put them in a washing machine.

d. They dry quickly and easily.

e. They are great for indoors and outdoors use.

f. They are stackable, which is really important when you own several.

g. They have a strong steel frame that doesn’t bend easily.

h. Replaceable covers are available.

Lessons Learned:

1. If you have a teething puppy, spray the edges of the dog bed with Grannicks Bitter Apple spray before you give it to them.

2. If your dog is hesitant to get up on it at first, put either a blanket or a rug or another dog bed that your dog is already familiar with on the dog bed. Your dog will get right up on it.

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