Prong Collars … aka … Pinch Collars




Attention Getting Ability: Level 4


Of the non-electronic training collars, the prong collar has the greatest “Attention Getting Ability”.   Some dogs are just blessed with extraordinary athletic abilities.  Others may have very high drive in one area or another.  The combination of their physiology and high drives sends endorphins racing thru their veins which also contributeto giving them a much higher pain threshold.  For these dogs it takes a more aversive stimulus to get their attention.


At, we know that for your dog to be happy, you need to be happy. The prong collar can do what other training collars don’t and it does it safely and effectively. 


Please take a moment to view the video for more information.



Prong Collars


Warning: wants to remind you that you should:

  • Never leave a training collar on your dog when it is unsupervised
  • Never have your dog playing with other dogs wearing a training collar
  • Never leave a dog tied up and unattended wearing a training collar
  • Never leave your dog in a crate wearing any collar
  • AND  You Must Understand the Right Technique


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