Taking The Integrated Approach means:


Oftentimes people think of the muzzle as a negative training tool.  I think of it as a blessing.  The muzzle is typically used in conjunction with other training equipment, but it offers a safety feature that no other tool does: it gives us the ability to manage and retrain dogs in certain situations.

Right Application – The muzzle allows us to venture into the following activities safely:

  1. Introducing a dog that could react aggressively to another dog.
  2. Working toward restoring a relationship between two dogs living in the same household, that have gotten into a fight.
  3. Grooming or trimming the nails of an aggressive dog while you desensitize them to the procedure.
  4. Taking a reactive dog into public situations.
  5. Inviting company over with a dog that may be unpredictable.
  6. Allowing an extremely mouthy teething puppy to socialize around small children or elderly people with fragile skin for brief periods of time.


Note:  The muzzle is not the only solution, but it can be integrated into your approach.  In all of the scenarios mentioned above, the dog is wearing a muzzle with a person present.

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