Training Collars are the right equipment when you need to either manage or train your dog on leash.  What distinguishes most training collars from identification collars is the built in, quick release mechanism.   This mechanism allows the dog’s owner to communicate through the leash.

It was the great scientist Sir Isaac Newton who first taught us about the laws of motion.  It was in Law III that we learned: To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.  Applying this law to dog training means that we must first embrace the fact that most young dogs want to run out ahead of their handlers.  This is characteristic of their innate nature.  When they reach the end of the leash and begin to strain into the collar, the handler’s reaction in that moment will either reward or discourage pulling.

The quick release mechanism built into the training equipment allows the handler to counteract the tightening of the collar with a quick action; a quick release action that communicates: “Don’t strain into the collar”.



“Attention Getting Ability”

In order to select the right training collar for your dog, you want to consider just what it will take to get your dog’s attention.  The following video will help you understand the concept of   “Attention Getting Ability”


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