Attention Getting Ability: Level 2

Level 2 implies that the handler only needs to administer a mild quick release action through the leash to get their dogs attention and deter the dog from straining.  An appropriate candidate for level 2 is likely a very sensitive dog with a very low pain thresh hold.  It could also be a mature dog whose focus is much more on its handler than all of the other distractions going on in the environment.  

This may also be why many therapy dog organizations approve dogs for certification wearing the all cloth martingale.  Therapy dogs are typically sensitive calm dogs which require very management in their handling when they are out in public.

The martingale collar with chain offers a slightly increased “Attention Getting Ability” over the cloth martingale.  The noise it produces increases the likelihood of getting the dogs attention.

This collar got its name from horse training equipment that has a similar construction.  If a dog is comfortable wearing an identification collar, they will be comfortable wearing a martingale.




Martingale Training Collars


Warning: wants to remind you that you should:

  • Never leave a training collar on your dog when it is unsupervised
  • Never have your dog playing with other dogs wearing a training collar
  • Never leave a dog tied up and unattended wearing a training collar
  • Never leave your dog in a crate wearing any collar

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