Markout Training Manual

The MarkOut® Marking Training Manual

Do you have a male dog that marks in the house?  The MarkOut® Marking Training Manual is full of valuable information to help you retrain your dog.  MarkOut® Marking is a perfect example of what Karyn Garvin refers to as taking the integrated approach.  No stone is left unturned as she helps you through the retraining process.   This is the very first training manual written by Karyn Garvin.  The revised edition was rewritten and copyrighted in 2001.

Karyn begins the book with the story of a client’s 13 year old dog named Cocoa. Cocoa had been marking in the house his entire life.  Out of desperation to help her client and by listening to her inner voice, Karyn got the idea to diaper Cocoa as a means of managing his behavior.  The results were amazing.  This prompted Karyn to write this manual in order to tell the world how effective diapering is as a training method for male dogs that mark.  Karyn created the first diaper for male dogs, wrote this training manual, and then offered them together as a kit which became available online in 1999.  At that time, this method was unheard of.

There are numerous strategies that must be taken into consideration in order for diapering to work successfully.  Reading the MarkOut® Marking Training Manual is like having a private lesson with Karyn.  She shares everything you need to consider when diapering a male dog in order to retrain their marking behavior.

You will find answers to your questions about retraining a male dog that marks in the house.  If you have additional questions after you read the manual, you can schedule a phone consultation/lesson with Karyn for further assistance.

Remember, read the manual first, then schedule a lesson with Karyn if you need extra help.